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Perceptions versus Truths

By Andy Kemal | July 15, 2016 | General

Perceptions versus Truths

In today's society with so many annoying ways to communicate and be more productive, I increasingly find that the real truth is harder to find. All I find is perception as “the truth”, where people's perceptions are continually used as a basis for the right answer or the way it should be. Where a collective idea becomes popular and disseminates out to the masses with such verve that the perceived notion becomes "the truth" cemented in the minds of many. I see it all the time--in the news media, in the work place, and even in the family.

So call me cynical, because in my 48 years on this planet I finally realized that there is no real truth, because "the truth" is always perceived. This was very troubling to me, but now I understand it and I am at peace with it.

This brings me to very recent events in my personal life, where a situation made me reflect on this concept a bit. I won't go in to details, but it involves a young loved one who has their own version of ”the truth" borne out of some perception, and which led them to miss what really matters. No amount of family angst or disagreement in this situation has been working for us. Therefore, I was forced to find a different way, and work with their perceptions, understand them, and allow the real truth to hopefully emerge.

So you see, no matter what version of ”the truth" you hold, I believe there is always some common ground that can be looked for and found to get around all the perceptions and let the real truth come out, wherever and whatever that truth may be.

So when you encounter a difference, work with your perceptions and understand that they lead only to ”the truths", and instead find a common ground so that you can give real truth a chance to naturally prevail.