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How good is your "Leadership dance"?

By Andy Kemal | July 20, 2016 | General

How good is your "Leadership dance"?

I recently attended a dance class, not the more commonly attended class like Ballroom or Latin, but a less known form of dancing called Eurythmy co-developed by Rudolf Steiner, the father of Anthroposophy.  It's an expressive movement art performed to music, poems, or even silently, and is used in education (primarily Waldorf Schools) to engage the body.  It can also be used as a form of therapy.  I can hear most of you saying huh?  Sorry, I don't have time here to explain exactly everything, except to say it's deep and no I'm not in therapy.

Let me get back to dancing because during the class I had an aha moment. Eurythmy can be performed solo or in a group.  It's while performing with my class group I realized that in our movement together each of us took our own individual path to the choreography, but at the same time the group movement was in harmony together with the music piece being played.  Each of us had our own way of moving, but our direction together and our end goal was the same.

That's where I see the whole point of leadership, in getting your team to do the same "dance".  Each team member is an individual in their abilities and how they work, and it's the leaders job to get them all moving together and towards the same team goal.  It's a delicate balance of self-wants versus team-needs, a dance of skills-sets and personality harmonized in the journey towards a common goal.  When you get it right, it's a beautiful thing to see and feel a part of-- just like the rhythmic collaboration of bodies moving together in the "visual music" that is Eurythmy.

Leaders, polish those dance shoes.