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Has Your Business Had A Breakthrough?

Do you know what a breakthrough is? What are the chances your business

will ever experience a breakthrough?

If you aren’t familiar with the term, a breakthrough is an event that causes your business to move to the next level - this could be the next level of operations, scale, revenues and profit. Essentially, it is that event that causes true growth in your business, that brings you greater success and bigger profits. It’s the transformation that you desire for your business but always seems out of reach.

70-IMG_0029So what does it take to get a breakthrough? Well, it doesn’t happen by luck or magically on its own. It happens through careful planning and dogged execution. It happens when you have a vision and a strategy, a focused plan written down, with ownership, commitment, and actions. This all creates intention and purpose around things that can make it happen.

Sounds easy right? But it isn’t. Sadly even those small businesses that have a plan fail to execute on it, they conveniently forget that actions determine results, PERIOD!

The biggest obstacles associated with accomplishing a breakthrough are change, excuses, accountability, and fear. Let’s address each of these below.


In order to achieve a breakthrough you need to invoke change within your business. Change is the hardest thing for humans to accept, we have a tendency to avoid and resist change because we are creatures of habit and we prefer pleasurable activities over uncomfortable ones. This is the reason why some business owners who have been working in their industry for years, find it hard to change their ways because it is uncomfortable and easier to just “keep it so”. However, they will dream and expect different results all the while never changing their behaviors or thought process. There’s a word for this...and you know it.


Dreaming big is great, however, when it comes time to execute the excuses start to flow. I don’t have time, I’m too busy, there’s too many client interruptions, I’ll get to it later, etc. Excuses provide an easy way out of establishing change, because you can always "get to it later”, right?


We don’t hold ourselves accountable to the tasks needed for change, because we haven’t made the commitment to take ownership for it.

87-IMG_0142This is mainly due to failure in the goals setting process (Yes, there is a process for this). In order to make a goal attainable you must first write it down and publicize it (hold yourself accountable!), and second, you need to identify the associated pain-points that come with reaching your new goals and accepting them.

In order to achieve a newly desired result we must understand the impacts of the actions needed to get there, actually work on those actions, and then measure our progress to completion of those actions.


In order to make the necessary changes to get your business to the next-level there needs to be investment, serious investment! I don’t mean just financial, but time and thought investments as well. Again, as humans, these things bring fear - fear of the money, fear of giving the time, fear of actually having to think differently, etc. Fear of these unknowns is stifling and can be fatal to a business. Out of fear comes things like short-term thinking, bad decision making, and missed opportunities. It doesn’t, however, lead to breakthroughs!

R5qhSk2ESo, we can see there are many obstacles in the business owners path to reaching that critical breakthrough. Undoubtedly, though, this is how businesses become super successful, and it’s how you can get your business to the next level of success. Any successful business can identify with this phenomenon.

So, what is yours gonna be? You won’t know before it happens, but one thing is sure; you need to make changes to what you are doing now to have any chance of that breakthrough happening in the future.

If you find that things are not moving in this direction it probably means you are not focused and working on the tasks that will make it happen for one or more of the reasons above.

Therefore, you need to strive for a breakthrough! You need to reach out for help from someone who can guide you through a plan for change and execution. This is what INFIX Coaches specializes in, we guarantee you will see changes if you follow us to the future!


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