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How to Spend Your Money To Grow Your Business

By Andy Kemal | September 17, 2018 | Organization, Finance, Budgets

Small business owners typically work on small profit margins and have modest budgets. This is why they tend to control their spending fiercely to protect their bottom line. It’s essential to keep track of a budget and not spend outside your scope, but allocating budgets to certain things can actually help grow your business. Learn how spending money can help you develop a speedy return on investment and help your business succeed.

Invest in Process-Enhancing Softwares


Modern technology solutions can help increase your worker productivity and efficiency. Process-enhancing tools exist to help business owners achieve more in less time. We like applications such as Wrike and Asana, which are team- and project-management tools that help your business achieve more while letting everyone know their roles. These tools help eliminate redundancies, streamline communication between team members, and establish deadlines to keep your business on track. You’ll spend less money completing repetitive tasks and your entire operation will run more smoothly.

 Delegate When Necessary

Small business owners are used to wearing a variety of hats – one day, you might be an amateur accountant, while the next you might be playing the role of a human resources person. Whenever possible, delegate projects outside of your wheelhouse so you have more time to dedicate to the big picture. For example, you might choose to hire an assistant to take care of the smaller details of your workday, or you might outsource your content creation or website development to a professional freelancer.


Delegating these types of work tasks can improve your ROI because you can have more time to focus on the projects that you truly excel at. Leave the highly technical aspects of running your business to those who have the expertise to do those tasks well while you focus on the growth of your overall business.

Update Your Equipment

Technology evolves faster all the time. If your technology is outdated, you could be wasting time and productivity on slower or less efficient processes. Tools such as dual monitors, high-speed or fiber optic internet, or updated IT infrastructure can help minimize your system downtime and keep your organization running smoothly.


Spend Time Networking

Networking and establishing new business contacts is an essential part of the job, though it’s one that not everyone enjoys. Make your business meetings or networking opportunities more casual and offer to buy lunch or coffee. This is a relatively small business expense, but the payoff can be significant. If you’re interested in networking on a budget, consider things like volunteering at an industry event and using it as an avenue for creating new business contacts.



Your business is a long-term investment. In fact, it’s probably the biggest investment you have. As such, you should treat it – and your budget – with care. On the other hand, guarding your assets too fiercely could lead to issues such as decreased productivity, work redundancies, and less efficient work processes. Cutting corners on your costs can impede your business success in the long run. In many cases, the adage is true: You have to spend money to make money. Observe these smart spending tips to enhance your business operations and increase your ROI.



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