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The Importance of Rewarding and Recognizing Your Employees

By Andy Kemal | March 29, 2022

The Importance of Rewarding and Recognizing Your Employees

Your employees spend hours upon hours of their time dedicated to helping make your company succeed. Hopefully, everyone in your organization works together as a family, or better yet a team. And every team needs a strong coach, right? That coach is the leader directing the plays, cheering them on, correcting mistakes, and giving high-fives for winning plays. You should be as dedicated to recognizing your employees as are they are working for you.

Recognition is a game-changer. If you aren’t a leader that recognizes employees for their accomplishments, you should start right away. Pay attention to the small tasks and accomplishments that over time add up! You see, when an employee is recognized, it reinforces they are an important part of the team, what they do matters, and they are valued. The bottom line is when employees are recognized they will work even harder for you and be more productive. Here’s something for your playbook. One of the most common reasons employees leave their jobs is they feel unappreciated. If they feel they aren’t appreciated, they may move on to another company where they are.

According to an SHRM blog, “How Recognition Makes Work Human”, one of the easiest ways to create more human workplaces for ourselves and those around us, is simply by saying thank you.”  That’s it! When you thank people for what they do, everyone wins. Recognition is a two-way street. It helps build relationships between you and your team and among everyone on the team. These valuable human connections matter. These connections create a happy work environment where people want to spend time and make good things happen.

Take a look at some easy ways to start making employee recognition a priority today:

  • Be proactive with your employee recognition efforts. If you are a small company, you can be mindful of what tasks are making a difference. For larger organizations, direct your team leaders to report to you.
  • Make each and every employee feel special and appreciated simply by saying, "thank you" for their time and tasks, and other contributions that make a positive impact on the bottom line.
  • Create a recognition program that is in line with your company culture that is fun and inspiring.
  • Announce recognition publicly, so everyone is aware of the accomplishments. This will engage the entire organization and improve productivity and morale.
  • Be fair and consistent with employee recognition. Do not show favoritism or only recognize a manager for their team's results.
  • Celebrate together with occasional team-building programs, team outings, rewards for reaching milestones, or simply recognizing a special day like a work anniversary or birthday.

Your employees are your most important asset. Start recognizing and showing your appreciation for them today. I can help you with easy and effective strategies to create a winning team. Contact us and let's get started right now.


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